Paikalle laitto ilman relettä:

 - Open an engine hood and seperate headlight module from your vehicle

 - Open a rear cover of headlight module and pull the former halogen lamp out. Make a hole in the middle of the rear cover with 25mm hole cutter.

 - Install HID Lamp at the rear cover(If the rubber band is not properly mounted, waterproofing effects cannot be obtained. Infiltration by water might cause burns or accidents due to the electric-shock)

 - Put the HID Lamp into the headlamp module.

 - Close the rear cover.

 - We strongly recommand that you use plastic bracket and urethane Sheet when you fix HID ballast to vehicle. If the fix is unstable, please use cable-ties.

 - Connect the whole HID system. After connecting all, please turn on/off as a test before re-assemble the headlight module

 - Arrange the disordered wire and reassemble the headlight module. Close the engine hood.

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